McDonald's and RMHS



RMHC Mission Partner since 1974

Often we are asked about our relationship with McDonald's. The McDonald’s system including local owner/operators, suppliers, employees and customers provide invaluable support.

Today, we are stronger than ever due in large part to the continued resources from our local mission partner, McDonald’s. Their support, extends from monetary contributions to volunteerism; from board participation to media donations, and has helped us impact thousands of lives by giving children support, stability and the best medicine of all – their families.

McDonald's Donation Boxes

Every day, McDonald’s gives people who want to support our families the opportunity to drop their change in the donation boxes at restaurant counters and drive thru windows. Other in store campaigns are also offered throughout the year. Thank you, McDonald’s, for helping children heal with their families by their side.

We Need Your Support

Although McDonald's is our most significant and long-term partner, no one company or individual can solely fund the growing need for our programs and services. Your support, as well as the support of the entire community, is needed and greatly valued. The help you give Ronald McDonald House, through funding, time or fundraising efforts, makes it possible for many ill children to heal better because their parents are nearby.