A Home-Away-From-Home

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Keeping Families Close

Many families travel far from home and spend weeks or months to get treatment for their seriously ill or injured children – a long time to be away or to divide a family. For children facing a serious medical crisis, it is scary to imagine not having mom and dad close by for love and support. Ronald McDonald House at Stanford becomes a home for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost.

Our House was built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on the health of their child – not where they can afford to stay, where they will get their next meal or where they will lay their head at night to rest. We believe that when a child is hospitalized the love and support of family is as powerful as the strongest medicine prescribed.

Allow Families to Face the Weight of Illness Together

Families are stronger when they are together, which helps in the healing process. By staying at a Ronald McDonald House, parents can better communicate with their child’s medical team and keep up with complicated treatment plans. They can also focus on the health and wellbeing of their children.

Allow Children to Get the Best Care

A sick child needs the best care possible – even if it is hundreds or thousands of miles away. Ronald McDonald House at Stanford allows families to access specialized medical treatment by providing a place to stay at little or no cost.

Services for Families

In addition to safe and supportive accommodations in close proximity to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, Ronald McDonald House at Stanford provides a comprehensive mix of programming that strengthen families during difficult times.

Ronald McDonald House at Stanford is truly #KeepingFamiliesClose

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